Created in 2002 BEICA settled in San Pedro de Macorís province in the heart of the sugarcane region, in the eastern area of the Dominican Republic. Ron Barceló, BEICA exclusive processing plant is a consortium that was born of the desire of a group of Spanish entrepreneurs with long and recognized experience in the area of production and marketing of spirit drinks, and also the Barceló Diaz and Garcia's family.

It occupies a privileged position among the companies exporting and producing leading rum brands in the Dominican Republic and the world with exports close to the 2 million boxes sold in more than 50 countries.

We attribute these achievements to the philosophy that since its inception was to define BEICA, starting with large investments in infrastructure, expanding the areas of processing, bottling, warehouses and deposits for aging, as a result of the continuous monitoring of the demand for Premium rums around the world and commercial efforts to detect the drives that cause this demand, developing products oriented to your satisfaction.

BEICA ensures complete control of all areas of the process of production of rum and plans for expansion of the brand at local and international level, becoming the first agro-industry in its sector with a vertically integrated production process.

BEICA is the first and only rum processing plant in the Dominican Republic that obtains the certification of quality ISO 9001: 2000 in 2007, and re-certified ISO-9001: 2008 in the middle of 2011. Obtaining recently the ISO 14001 environmental management system certification, means that it complies with all the rules of protection of the environment.


Oriented to maintain excellence in the process of elaboration of exquisite high quality rums, its facilities represent one of the most modern manufacturing plants in the Caribbean, with technology that exceed the liquor industry regulations and a committed and highly qualified human capital.

For the development and formulation of its rums BEICA has equipment and systems of advanced technology, while their staff comply with the application of the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), and promote the conservation of the environment in every action.


Strategically nestled in a vast and green sugarcane field, rises the latest technology of the Dominican sugar industry. It's Alcoholes Finos Dominicanos (AFD), a plant with capacity to process thousands of tons of sugarcane and produce 50 thousand liters of alcohol per day, with an investment exceeding US$ 30 million. Guided by an extraordinary business model that covers the entire productive chain, AFD is destined to become, in a short time, the main industry of its kind in the Dominican Republic.

It is estimated that AFD production will reach 16 million liters per year, which make it the first company in the country to produce that amount of alcohol from the 100% dominican sugarcane juice, integrating two economic activities: sugarcane cultivation and the production of rum of the highest quality in the top agro-industry sector.

In addition to the production of alcohol, the company has as one of its main purposes to employ workers from the local area, reason why the majority of employees (90%) originate or reside in the communities of Consuelo and San Pedro de Macorís.

The AFD property comprises 17 hectares, 3.5 of this total covers the area of industrial production. 200 People working in the company, but in the field, directly and indirectly, it employs 1,500 people, a figure that demonstrates the huge impact that the company has in the community, which is positively influencing the reduction of the levels of poverty in the region.

AFD uses the latest technology for the production of alcohol, and all its operative part is completely automated.

AFD includes a business model that is the result of a successful synergy of negotiation, where 50% of the members are the producers of cane and the other 50% are the buyers of the final product, the company Barceló Export Import S.R.L (BEICA).


Thus was born a business with a great comparative and competitive advantage, with a view to becoming a great economic success. While its strategic location, in the heart of the sugarcane fields, allows it to manage the logistics that links sugar cane growers reaching the factory.

Much of their suppliers bring the cane in carts and tractors because of its proximity to warehouses and achieves optimum handling of raw material. Also, during the process of distillation is extracted a product called vinasse, which is composed of nutrients that are used as fertilizer for sugarcane planting, which represents a great advantage for the business. AFD has the most modern automation system in the world, and production processes which are also very efficient from the energy point of view. The plant generates its own electricity from bagasse of sugarcane.